Worthless Leech

Jared Denstad
Jul 23, 2021


I am nothing more than a leech
Gnawing at the fungus on humanity’s feet
Though I was born of this Earth
My life holds no intrinsic worth

A waste of mass and space
I am the dregs of the human race
Gnawing on what’s been thrown away
A parasite in every way

Incapable of ever fitting in
Drowning ever further into sin
Alone and unwanted, pariah bound
No one looks for me, I’ll not be found

Broken in body and in mind
Eternally doomed to be left behind
Not worth the time or cost
I’m useless and lost

The only time you would ever give me a thought
Is when you reach down and give a swat
Then pick me up and squeeze me dry
And squish me up and watch me die

© Jared Denstad



Jared Denstad

Born and raised in Minnesota, I write short poems about life, death, and everything that comes in between.