Sir Quincy and the Sickened Sister, Part 4

Jared Denstad
3 min readJul 19, 2021


Note: This is the fourth part in a ongoing story. To read the previous parts click on the links for Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

Quincy decided to speak, though he was taking a risk
Please Sir Dragon, don’t burn me to a crisp
I see you are wounded, though I know not why
Let me try to help you first, lest we both die

The dragon nodded his head in ascent
As Quincy warily looked at where the scales were rent
He was no apothecary, but he had a trick up his sleeve
And so he took out some herbs, a vial, and sieve

He crushed the herbs into a fine gel
Then poured some water in until the contents began to swell
He then sifted out the fragments he no longer did need
And applied the mixture to the dragon’s wound with great speed

That would should soon begin to heal
Tell me Sir Dragon, how do you feel?
Like I haven’t felt in five hundred years
The dragon replied on the verge of tears

I am sorry I attacked you I thought you a foe
You looked like the brigands who burnt this village a week ago
You may take whatever you need from the cave I guard
For you alone is the gate open and unbarred

Thank you Sir Dragon may I ask your name
You may call me Astaroth if it’s all the same
And this is my son Ashtar, as a head poked out of a pouch near his chest
You have done well to pass such a dangerous test

Astaroth thank you but I’m a man in need
I’m on a quest for nightfruit for your aid I plead
Why do you seek such a dangerous fruit
Tell me your story, let’s get to the root

Once again Quincy’s tale was told
I see, Astaroth said. You are on a journey brave and bold
While no nightfruit grows here, I have a item you will need
But first you must retrieve the sword from the cave with all speed

So into the cave did Quincy go
In search of a weapon he did not know
When what should he see but a sword embedded in stone
It shocked him so much he fell and landed on his throne

The sword was strange, with several holes in the base of the blade
And in the center of these, a green gem that had started to fade
So Quincy, his bravery and faith strong and true
Was shocked when the sword for him rapidly withdrew

The sword in his hands, the gem began to brilliantly glow
What it meant Quincy did not rightfully know
Knowledge of this blade he did lack
And so to Astaroth he decided to report back

I see you have obtained the sword
That is good you will need it to take on the hoard
What is this hoard and what of the item you did earlier speak
Here take these, they are the Gauntlets of Night you seek

It will let you handle the nightfruit, to do so without would result in death
As for the horde, he said out of breath
They reside in the Castle of Shadows a good ways away
But hop on my back and we’ll get there without delay

©Jared Denstad



Jared Denstad

Born and raised in Minnesota, I write short poems about life, death, and everything that comes in between.