Rocket’s Red Glare

Jared Denstad
1 min readJul 4, 2021


The crickets are chirping in the vale
When men look up with faces pale
The rockets explode atop the height
The dogs run away yelping with fright

Grand explosions puncture the sky
As children look up in awe and wonder why
The sky is filled with colorful light
That quickly disturbs the silent night

Parents stand by their face stern
The sky begins to flash and burn
The memories of battles long ago fought
This night is what the results have wrought

The cadence picks up, the showers fly
Upon the horizon no darkness can lie
As the bombs fly high we come to the end of the rite
The final rockets are lit alight

Exploding into wondrous patterns in brilliant hues
The fireworks end in red, white, and blue
The display ended, I now reply
May your family have a happy 4th of July

©Jared Denstad



Jared Denstad

Born and raised in Minnesota, I write short poems about life, death, and everything that comes in between.