Lost In Thought

Jared Denstad
1 min readApr 28


a poem by Jared Denstad

A lock in search of a key
Some are somber and sad
Others blissful and happy

From the highest hill to the brightest star
No matter where in the universe you are
Having perfect sight or totally blind
No one can escape the wandering of the mind

From the inquisitiveness of the young
To the day when life is done
Remembrance ever guides our way
Giving us warmth in the thoughts of yesterday

With them we can speak to those long passed
And maybe find answers to questions asked
Yet in memories lie many pitfalls too
One can be lost in the darkness of eternal blue

Whether good or bad all reminiscences must end
We cannot our life in recollection spend
The time will come when we can no longer stay
And must leave them behind and go on with our day



Jared Denstad

Born and raised in Minnesota, I write short poems about life, death, and everything that comes in between.