Death Personified

Jared Denstad
1 min readJul 21, 2021


It comes for every one and all
Man and woman, big and small
It takes life over time or all in one breath
Has many incarnations, but is known by all as death

It is a side effect of war and unrest
And will put before each person their final test
Mankind’s judge, ender of the great and small
The divine cause of humanity’s eventual fall

It matters not whether you be man or beast
Such a detail it could not care in the least
Cold and collected it knows its job well
When it comes for you no one can tell

The culler of the weak, foe of the strong
It hovers out of sight in poetry and song
And sweeps in suddenly when the tale comes to an end
It will come for you too one day my friend

So treat each day as the blessing it is
But do not neglect to study for the quiz
So that you may pass your life’s final test
When the time comes for you to leave this earthly nest

©Jared Denstad



Jared Denstad

Born and raised in Minnesota, I write short poems about life, death, and everything that comes in between.